The Montessori Pikler Triangle

Last night I did an Instagram story poll about whether or not you’ve ever heard of a Pikler triangle. I was actually blown away by the response because 98% of people answered “no.” I was shocked because in my online Montessori communities, they are so popular! (What is the Montessori method? Click here for a quick intro).

So for those of you who don’t know what they are, here is a photo so you have a visual!


These triangles are perfect for the little climbers in your life. We all know how explorative little kids can be so the triangles act as the perfect outlet. Accessories such as the ramp and slide pictured or a rock wall, can be added or taken away and the height adjusted as they grow.

You can introduce the Pikler triangle as soon as your baby begins crawling. It helps teach children their own boundaries while also having fun! The Pikler triangles offers all kinds of climbing options and continues to grow with your child until they are 3+!


The Pikler triangle is the perfect addition to any home. Lily and River offers high quality, beautiful triangles. When you order you can pick the material it’s made from, the accessories you’d like to include and you can even purchase it pre-built for convenience!

For 15% off of your order use code REALLYROSEMARY

Order HERE. Happy exploring!

xxoo Kate

This post is sponsored by Lily & River*

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