It Is Now Legal to Breastfeed in Public in All 50 States

It’s official ladies, you can now breastfeed your child anytime, anywhere! That’s right, as of yesterday Idaho and Utah are finally on board allowing public breastfeeding in all of the 50 states!

Honestly, it’s pretty sad that doing something so natural was ever not allowed. At one time, it was a possibility that you could be cited and fined for public indecency while simply nourishing your child. Talk about ridiculous!

Sadly, over time, breastfeeding has come to be viewed as something sexual. Breasts are not for sex. Breasts are for feeding babies and young children. Of course they are capable of sexual function but so are lips and mouths but I don’t see anyone complaining that you’re using those to eat in public.


(Swimsuit from The Tata Top)

Being a new parent, even the third, fourth, fifth+ time around is hard. Then to add embarrassment while trying to feed your child on top of that? It’s just not right. People get hungry when they are out and about and we all know babies like to eat often. Mothers have been asked to leave restaurants, told to leave stores, asked to move to the bathroom, blankets being draped over them and of course, the dirty looks. And now we have this. A big IN YO FACE to everyone who has ever shamed a poor mom for trying to feed her kid. Don’t like it? Don’t look!

If you’re a mother and find yourself being discouraged by someone for breastfeeding in public, remember that there are laws that protect you. It’s not only your responsibility to feed your child, it is now your right.

If you are a breastfeeding mama that has ever dealt with negativity, just know that you are supported, you are loved and you are doing an incredible job!

Feed and comfort your child wherever, whenever and however you want!

xxoo Kate


6 thoughts on “It Is Now Legal to Breastfeed in Public in All 50 States

  1. I’ve learned something new today. In a modern society as ours breastfeeding was not allowed in some states until now?? That’s unbelievable!!! Thanks for sharing. I really didn’t know.


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