The Better Skin Co. – Lava Magik and Mirakle Cream!

I’m probably one of the most “low maintenance” people when it comes to skincare. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I never really put anything on my skin other than shower water. Mostly because I like “easy,” and I’m always worried about what unknown chemicals I’m smearing all over my skin.

I was sent some skincare products from The Better Skin Co. and I have fallen in love. Seriously, I must’ve come out of the bathroom beaming in awe after trying this because my husband says, “what are you so happy about!?”


I have been missing out on this smooth and clean of skin for much too long!

If you’re looking for an exfoliation scrub, mask, cleanser, moisturizer, zit-disappear-er, etc. you’ve got to check out this company. I have seen their rave reviews and now I know what all the hype is about!

Also FYI, I never mention anything I don’t actually LOVE because I want to be genuine and let you know about my TRUE favorite things. And this… this brand was added to my list of faves.


I recommend Lava Magik and the Mirakle Cream! They are paraben free*, gluten-free* and vegan*

The Lava Magik can be used daily as a scrub or weekly as a face mask. The consistency is like a gritty clay that really gets the gook off of your face. I use the Lava Magik on my dry oily areas to get all of the dead skin off. When I rinsed it off my pores were clear and my face felt so clean! I use the Mirakle Cream (the name does not lie) to moisturize between my brows, my nose and chin and right under my eyes because that’s where I could use the most moisture. My skin has never felt better!

You can find The Better Skin Co. products at Ulta but if you prefer to shop online, you can get 15% OFF, Click HERE!

xxoo Kate


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