Our third baby is here!


We had our baby!!! — Three weeks ago…

I’m sorry guys but finding time to blog while managing two toddlers and a newborn while averaging 1.5-2 hours of sleep per night, nope, not happening. Well until now that is!

Here’s the story of our third baby’s birth—

I was 38 weeks pregnant. The longest I had ever carried a baby! It was just after 10pm and I was going to the bathroom before bed. I had been “leaky” for a couple of weeks but that’s to be expected towards the end of pregnancy so I brushed it off. The doctors didn’t seem concerned either when I mentioned my symptoms at my appointments so we never investigated further. However, in that particular moment, the leaking was quite excessive.

Rather than feel excited, I felt so defeated. Deep down I knew I needed to go in to the doctor’s office but I was SO tired. If you didn’t already know this, you can’t sleep towards the end of pregnancy because your body hurts so badly, you have to pee all night or the baby kicks you incessantly. At least that has been my experience. The control freak in me wasn’t ready. I wasn’t emotionally prepared. I kept thinking “any other day, even tomorrow morning, I’m just so tired right now.” 

Well we all know that having a baby doesn’t work like that. They come when they are ready, when GOD is ready, not when you decide it’s time.

I strolled casually into the bedroom where my husband laid waiting for me. “I’m gonna head to the doctor’s..” I said. He perked up and insisted that he wanted to come. I convinced him into staying home much against his wishes, because our kiddos were sound asleep and if it was a false alarm I didn’t want everyone to be rushing around trying to accommodate for nothing.

On my way to the hospital I called my mom to vent (as I often do when I have even the slightest inconvenience).  I told her about how I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind and I wanted to get some rest. She offered to come with me so I scooped her up on my way. It was a nice arrangement because if it was indeed amniotic fluid, she could run to our house to stay with the kids so TJ could join me at the hospital.

The nurse ran the test and low and behold, a faint line popped up. Just like a pregnancy test, whether the line is faint or not, it was positive! 

It was time to be admitted. My face in the photo below says it all.


I started to feel a little anxious but I deep-breathed the fear away and quickly accepted that it was “time”. I spent the next hour emotionally preparing myself for labor and praying to the good Lord above! 

My husband and mom swapped places and though I tested positive for amniotic fluid, I was not in labor. I started to get excited jitters but I was still exhausted to I attempted to take a nap before the contractions commenced.

Unfortunately they didn’t start so they decided it was time for Pitocin. I was NOT a happy camper. Why you might ask? It intensifies the pain SO much. I didn’t want an induction.

Finally, after several hours of them coming in every half hour to up my dosage, I started to feel my contractions.

I was fairly determined to do a natural birth this time around but the pain became so unbearable that I opted for an epidural. Which is something I would’ve never even considered in the beginning. They called the on-call anesthesiologist and informed me that he was on his way. In all honesty it would’ve been at least another half hour before he could’ve gotten to me.

Well no wonder that pain was so intense, within two minutes of them telling me he was on his way to the hospital, my water officially broke and I informed them I needed to push!  It happened so fast. The doctor was called in as my body was already pushing her out on its own. My mom came over to my left and my husband took position up towards my head. He held my hand, prayed and encouraged me.

I pushed 3-5 times… movie-style screaming. In that brief moment, the pain was so intense but in just an instant she was on my chest and it was the biggest relief I have ever felt. The pain, just gone and my heart so full.

I’m so proud of my body. Birthing naturally was the most empowering thing I’ve ever experienced. I wouldn’t go back and change a single thing.

Welcome baby!

xxoo Kate


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