Hospital Bag For Labor and Delivery

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The following items are not all necessities. I’ve given birth twice already with no bags packed due to my water breaking early so we were extremely unprepared. With my first, my husband ran back home and threw some things together. With my second, we were cramming things in a bag and heading out the door (and it’s a good thing because I showed up to the hospital dilated to a 7)!

If you showed up to the hospital with nothing, you would be just fine, however, the belongings I’ve listed below make things much more comfortable, at least for me.

  • Wallet, Insurance card and photo ID: It just helps everyone out and you never know if your husband is going to need some dolla bills for the vending machine! If you have a will or advanced directives, include that too!
  • Robe: You could pick a cute one for photos and/or visitors or a fuzzy one for comfort. I’m going with my old fuzzy one.
  • Snacks: I will be sneaking a snack because let me tell you, soup broth, jello, and ice chips do NOT cut it. These Clif bars will be in my husband’s bag as well.


  • Blanket: I’d prefer my own blanket over a bleachy hospital one any day!
  • Body pillow: Because I cannot WAIT to snuggle it while sleeping on my stomach like I was able to do pre-pregnancy!
  • Fuzzy Socks: I just like being comfortable, okay!? I prefer fuzzy socks to slippers which a lot of people like to pack.
  • Birth Plan: It’s always nice to have an “ideal” birth plan laid out ahead of time. You never know what’s going to happen. Here is mine.
  • Tea: Laugh all you want but tea makes me happy and calms me… therefore, it made the cut. Here is the kind I’m bringing along.


  • Oil Diffuser + Oils: Not all hospitals allow this but I absolutely love a familiar smell in the air while I’m in labor. Once again, a comfort thing. Here are some of my favorite oils.


  • Hair brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair ties, make-up: Chances are, I won’t even use my makeup but it’s nice to have on hand just in case. My hubs and I are due for new toothbrushes anyways so we are packing our favorites from BambooRoots. And of course, my favorite anise flavored toothpaste from Dr. Bronner’s!


  • Reusable nursing pads: My favorites are from Kindred Bravely and they’re much better on the nips than disposables.


  • Pump Bag: I’ve had to start pumping almost immediately to stimulate my milk to come in with my past two births because my babies were taken straight to the NICU. I love this bag from Sarah Wells and the convenience of all the little compartments!


  • Nursing bra: I love my Ollie Gray bra because it’s comfortable and extremely easy-access if you’re planning on nursing your little one.


  • Long charger: It’s just always nice to have on hand.
  • Cloth pads: Don’t get me wrong, I love the coverage of the mesh undies that the hospital provides but I love the healthy fabrics used in my cloth pads even more. I’m bringing some from FemmeCloths on Etsy!


  • Shampoo + Body wash + Deodorant: You know, for when you’re ready to attempt to smell nice.


  • Heating pad: When your uterus is shrinking back to size, this is a life saver. I remember thinking I was dying after I had my first baby because I didn’t realize you had contractions AFTER labor as well.
  • Natural gum: It’s just nice to have something to chew on, during or after labor. Some of my favorites are Pur, Tree Hugger bubble gum, and Glee Gum.


  • Glass Water Bottle: Helping the planet one bottle at a time. I’m bringing my pretty purple one from The Life Factory!
  • Hand Sanitizer: Dr. Bronner’s makes a really gentle, yummy smelling one!


  • Prenatal vitamins: It’s important to keep taking your prenatal or a post-natal vitamins after birth as well! I have used RainbowLight my entire pregnancy and plan to continue after birth because I love them!
  • Thayer’s Witch Hazel: I have a slight obsession with witch hazel and this kind just so happens to be my favorite. It’s great for hemorrhoids and healing in general. You can add into your postpartum spray bottle (which is probably my favorite thing ever).


  • Clothes: This is kind of a given. Pack things that are comfortable, this isn’t a fashion show. Two pieces I’m for-sure including are my nursing nightgown from The Savi Mom and my Blanqi leggings to wear home because they’ll suck everything in and that support after a baby is exceptional!

Obviously everyone’s hospital bags will be tailored to them but hopefully I’ve offered you some fun ideas you may not have thought about yet. Best of luck ladies!

xxoo Kate

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