Laidback Household Chores Checklist

I posted a checklist that I had made to my Instagram stories recently and many of you said that you needed it in your lives, so here it is! Now you can copy and paste it and adjust it as you please! Keep in mind that everything below is just what works for us, you can alter it by adding or removing anything you’d like. I printed ours out and put them in dry erase pocket sleeves. We keep them hanging on a peg rack in our dining room and mark each thing off with a dry erase marker when it’s completed.

This works well because it’s in a common space and helps my husband and I to stay on the same page. We can see what is done and what still needs to be done! If you want to be petty, you can use one color and your partner can use another so you’re both pulling equal weight… I’M JUST KIDDING….. or am I? Happy house cleaning!


Receive/Sort Mail

Feed/Water Animals

Vacuum/Sweep Up

Wipe Down Counters

Rinse Sink


Wipe Dining Table

Set Out Food for Next Day (unthaw, put ingredients out)

Pick Up Toys


Water Plants

Laundry: Wash, Dry, Fold, Put Away

Vacuum House

Meal Plan

Grocery Shop

Take Out Garbage (Thursday)

Return Library Books

Church (Sunday)

Empty Fridge if Expired Foods

Clean Toilet

Bathe 2+ Times

Trim Kid’s Nails

Disinfect Handles, Lights, Toys etc (mostly during flu season)

Plan Homeschool


Call Family + Friends

Family Night

Cut Grass (seasonal)

We add each person individually that we would like to call so we can check them each off.


Mom and Dad Date

1st Week: Bathroom

2nd Week: Kitchen/Dining

– Disinfect Cycle on Dishwasher

– Wipe Down Inside of Fridge

– Clean Microwave

3rd Week: Bedrooms

– Wash Sheets

4th Week: Living Room/Halls/Laundry

– Vacuum Out Chouch

– Disinfect Cycle on Washer

I have the whole first week of the month to deep clean the bathroom. I have the whole second week to deep clean the kitchen and dining room and so on. I love that I’m not held to a specific day, basically I have to clean the bathroom at some point during the week. It works well for me, minimal pressure!


Wash Shower Curtain

Sort Tax Information

Do taxes

Clean Hard to Reach Places:

– Behind Dressers

– Beside Washer and Dryer

– Behind the Couch

– Behind Fridge

– Behind Stove

– Under Sinks

– Inside Oven

This schedule is such a personal matter but I believe this list is a great place to start! Hey, it may work perfectly for you too! Let me know what you think!

xxoo Kate


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