Pumping Mama Advice and Must Have Products

Where are my fellow pumping mamas at?!

First off, GO YOU! Pumping is hard work! I’m going to tell you about a few of my favorite things that all pumping ladies need. I mean it when I say, these will make your life so much easier.

Whether you are working, going to school, or heading out for a girls weekend, I think we can all agree that hauling our pump, pump parts, storage bags, nip-nip cream and all of the little membrane parts and tubing is such a hassle, am I right?!

I’ll start first by bragging about this Sarah Wells bag and why it has changed the pumping game for me!


I use my pump quite often because I am “blessed” with an oversupply and like to have some stashed away, but also to make donations to local ladies and their babies. This bag is so miraculous that I know I’ll continue to use it well after my pumping days!

Let me tell you what I love about this bag….

The Storage – If you know me, I’m all about storage. I love when all of my things have a designated place to go. It saves time when you know where things are. Don’t waste your precious 15 minute pump break at work searching for all the pieces to your pump! This bag has a special spot specifically for your pump, how cool is that?

It’s Versatility – I can use this bag as a diaper bag, an overnight bag, gym bag, tote bag for a lunch date- honestly whatever I need it for! It can fit any style of portable breast pump and when you’re done with your pumping journey, use the pump compartment for MORE storage!! This bag also gives you the option of using it as a crossbody bag which as my fellow mamas already know, the more hands you have free, the better!

It’s Stylish – All of the Sarah Wells bags are well made and on trend! The one I have is the Abby in Navy Stripe, but all of their patterns and colors are gorgeous. It was really hard to pick just one! I also loved their newly released Claire bag in brown.

It’s Lifetime Warranty – I love when companies are run by people who truly CARE for their customers. The owner of Sarah Wells strives for 100% mama satisfaction so you can reach out to her with any questions or concerns. This feature is awesome when you have a busy life, and destructive children. These bags are going to hold up so they’re worth every penny!

A couple of other cool features include thermally lined side pocket(s) and they’re even water-resistant with easy-to-clean materials!

Now that you have the bag, what should go in it? I’m going to tell you 4 must haves and why they’re key….. 

1. A water bottle is a must. If you want to produce enough liquid gold for you precious little human, you need to drink enough water. I am in love with my new S’ip by S’well bottle because it’s cute, functional, and it’s made of stainless steel which is much safer than plastic.


These bottles keep your liquids cold up to 24 hours and hot up until 12! Ditch your single use plastic bottles for one of these pretty things and I’m willing to be you’ll never look back. (On sale at Target now, click here to browse their fun designs!)

2. Snacks on snacks on snacks. Keeping up a good breast milk supply can be daunting. I remember going all day and then thinking, “Oh wow, I haven’t eaten anything yet today.” Kids will do that to you! Stay on top of things and stash away some of your favorite, easy to grab snacks. You’ve got to take care of yourself if you want to take care of that baby! I’m in love with Annie’s organic granola bars! I buy them with the intention of giving them to my toddler but I end up eating them all because they’re so good!


3. Booby pads. I know I’m not the only one who’s been out and about only to glance down and see a leaky milk stain on my shirt! It can take months for your milk to regulate, which is why these are a serious embarrassment saver. I started off using disposables but I went through so many and they’re really not cheap. I invested in some washable organic nursing pads and I will never be going back to disposables.

From Kindred Bravely, four pairs only cost $12.93 and they come with an adorable little waterproof pouch bag. The bamboo is soft against sensitive skin, they never show through your shirt and I never had a leak!


4. Wipes! These re-usable wipes from Marleys Monsters are some of the most multi-purpose products I have ever come across. They can be used as cloth butt wipes, napkins, tissues, “paper towel” in your kitchen, toilet paper… Am I branching out too much for your taste? Well that’s fine, but you need to have these on hand. Ever feed your baby or pump from one side, only to have the other spewing uncontrollably? I kid you not, I use to yell in a panic to my husband to bring me a towel so I could stuff it in my bra because the leakage was that colossal. These wipes are perfect to have on hand for drying your pump parts after a cleaning, wiping up spilled milk (I pray you don’t experience this) or packing your bra during a pumping session!


Not only are they covered in fun patterns but they’re made of 100% soft, cotton flannel. You can even customize your set by choosing your favorite patterns! Click the following links to see which ones stand out most to you – flannel or cotton!

Whether you’re expecting, not knowing where to start, or just trying to simplify your life, these products have saved my sanity and I know they’ll help yours too!

Happy pumping ladies!

xxoo Kate


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