Cold Weather Date Ideas

It’s easy to find something to do when the weather is nice! Swimming, sunbathing, taking a walk… but what about when the ground is covered in snow?

Here are 20 cold weather date ideas to help you fight off that dreaded cabin fever!


1. Take a Drive – 
Listen to your favorite music, park by a pretty view, chat, or my personal favorite, look at Christmas lights!

2. Go Sledding
– We all know it’s a go-to activity for children, but when is the last time you partook in some good old fashioed sledding? Get outside and build a snowman or make some snow angels too!

3. Movie Night
– Get into your coziest pajamas and put on your favorite movie! You can each pick your favorite show for a double feature!

4. Escape Room
– Challenge your brain and teamwork skills and see if you can make it out togehter. Team up with some friends and do a double date if you want to make it even more interesting!

5. Make Dinner or Take a Cooking Class – Have a pizza cook off, or click here for $30 off of your first box from Homechef. Who doesn’t want food delivered right to your door? You get all the ingredients you need to make yourself feel like an at home chef!

6. Build a Blanket Fort – Embrace your inner child by building a blanket/pillow fort. Do what you please after that! Game night maybe? Just a thought.

7. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane – Spend a night looking through old photographs and watching home videos. Obviously this may be for a more seasoned relationship, unless you’re comfortable with your new boo seeing your baby bum!

8. Go ice skating – It’s not the most romantic activity if you’re like me, the girl shuffling with a metal chair trying not to fall, but it’s fun nonetheless.

9. Catch a Play
See what plays are showing, smuggle in some snacks and enjoy some live entertainment!

10. Visit a Local Coffee Shop – Sit cozy in a corner booth, sip on some coffee (or if you’re anything like me, hot chocolate) and catch up!

11. Explore Antique Shops
– I’m a sucker for thrift stores. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s fun to explore through all of the trinkets!

12. Go For a Hike
– Hike through the woods or visit some ice caves! Nothing like snow-covered trees and fresh air! Strap on some snowshoes to give it a twist!

13. Build a Gingerbread House – Build one together or make it a challenge and build your own! Post a picture of each to Facebook and have your friends vote which one is their favorite!

14. Set Goals Gor the New Year Together – Set some goals individually or make a bucket list of things you want to accomplish together this year!

15. Bake Cookies
– Bake some cookies or your favorite dessert! Why? Because then you get to eat it afterwards and who doesn’t like a sweet treat?

16. Relax in an Outdoor Hot Tub
One of my favorite things to do in the winter is slink into a steaming hot tub while glittery snowflakes are falling! Talk about relaxing.

17. Do a Hot Chocolate Crawl – Make a list of local shops with Instagram-worthy hot chocolate and visit them all!

18. Hit up a Museum
– Act as a tourist in your own town. Go to a museum or art gallery and admire all of the fascinating things that your city holds!

19. Netflix and Chill
– Literally, not figuratively. Find a show that you both love and binge it all day or night!

20. Get It On – This is obviously for the adults reading this. Maybe in the blanket fort you built? You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Share some of your favorite chilly dates in the comments below! Hubs and I have to deal with months of this white stuff so I’m all for hearing your ideas!


xxoo Kate

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