New Year, Fresh Focus

It’s NYE guys, cue the “new year, new me” resolutions! I’m always on board with this concept but it’s also essential to remember that you are allowed a fresh start at absolutely any time.

Did you know that according to Forbes, only 8% of people actually stick to their resolutions. I tried to pick 10 realistic goals. Yes, we all want to find time to exercise and be more organized but am I fully dedicated to doing those things? Not exactly. Why not make it fun like picking a couple of things from this list?

this year.jpg

I already have a bucket list that I chip away at from time to time, like trying a macaroon for the first time this weekend (vanilla with chocolate ganache, it was delicious) so I decided to go with a different format for my new year goals and chose 10 things I’d like to focus my energy on.



  1. Get knocked up – The baby fever is real, that’s all I’ve got to say.
  2. Continue faithfully on a minimalist path – It’s becoming a way of life in our home but I can’t wait to purge some more around our house! What is minimalism? Read more here.
  3. Go back to school – I’m already signed up for next semester! I just need to find a trustworthy sitter and we will be good to go!
  4. Wear cute undies – Maybe this will help with baby making season?! Regardless, I just feel better when I’m wearing cute undies!
  5. Go back to using a physical planner – I love my Google Calendar but boy do I miss writing in my paper one. I’ve got a pretty pink floral one fresh and read for the new year!
  6. Start some gentle homeschooling – My toddler loves to learn. She impresses me every day so I’d love to implement a little bit of structured learning into our schedule.
  7. Go to bed by midnight – This probably sounds crazy to a lot of people but midnight would be early for me.
  8. Learn more about photography – I love taking pictures of my kids but I’d love to expand my knowledge and learn how to take even more beautiful photos.
  9. Do some yoga, exercise, or meditation at least once a day – I may need to pencil this into my schedule (on my new planner of course) because as a mom I tend to neglect myself a bit. I need it though… for my sanity.
  10. Study the Lord’s word even if it’s just a verse a day – This is probably the most important one on my list. I started reading the bible several via my Bible app several months ago but lost my mojo for a while. I’m more than ready to delve back in!

What are your goals? Do we share any of the same? Subscribe to my mailing list from the “home” page and we can start this year off right together!

xxoo Kate



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