Natural insect repellent


It’s that time of the year people – at least in my neck of the woods! It’s finally summer, which means outdoor fun, camping, hiking, traveling, sunshine and, wait for it…. bugs! My family loves to get outside and go for walks, head out to the campground or camp and just be outside enjoying the nice weather. The thing that comes along with warmer weather that is not so enjoyable are the bugs and I’ve found a healthy way to keep them off of me and my babies!

My mom actually discovered this stuff at our local co-op but you can also order it for literally half of the price we paid in-store. I’ve attached a couple of links below. What I love about it is 1- THE SMELL. Oh my goodness it’s so good. 2- It actually works. And 3- It’s healthy. DEET free my friends.

Don’t know what DEET is? It’s not good for you or your children to put it simply. DEET is in almost all insect repellents because it’s the ingredient that actually repels the insects. The Herbal Armor insect repellent repels with six natural oils, clinically tested to be 100% effective. Its sweat and water resistant and upholds strict standards for natural ingredients. It’s perfect for sensitive skin and your precious children.

You can get the kids kind, the adult kind or even some for your petsI just buy a big bottle of the kids kind and our whole family uses it. Currently swear by it guys! It’s a must have if you ever go outside… so yeah, I’m talking to you!

xxoo Kate

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